Sports Injury Care

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, you will want the best rehab team for your care.

Hockey, football, track, basketball, running, weight lifting.    No matter what your sport is, we can help you get back in the gym, on the field, court or ice.    Our rehab providers work with you as a team through recovery so you can again start enjoying your activity or sport by building strength, improving balance, flexibility, and increasing endurance.   Athletes of all ages and skill levels who have experienced pain or suffered an injury while participating in a sport can find state-of-the-art clinical care at Hopkins Health and Wellness – Lakes Area.   With our fully equipped Cybex gym attached to our clinic, you will be assured that your recovery will include assess to the top of the line equipment and treatment.

A simple change in training or a small correction in equipment may be all that is needed. If the evaluation shows a more serious problem, we will work with the patient and physician to create a comprehensive plan of therapy.

In addition, sports concussions can be assessed and treated at Hopkins Health and Wellness, Lakes Area clinic.    Diagnostic evaluation by a chiropractic physician, the use of the ImPACT neurocognitive test, and individualized therapy and education plans are used to promote full recovery.  Our team works with your primary care physician or orthopedic doctor in your recovery as well as refer to our specialized neurologists if needed.

Approach to care

Using a multidisciplinary team approach, each patient is evaluated individually to define their rehabilitative needs. This includes a thorough exam including a medical history, objective measures, and any necessary tests to determine the mechanical dysfunctions related to the injury. A plan of care is then developed with you to addresses any problems, impairments, and functional limitations. Goals are set for you with the aim of achieving the highest functional level you can.   Our goal is to graduate you from our program with an individualized workout program that you can continue on your own, either at home or in a gym.   We want you to graduate from our clinic with a positive change in your lifestyle habits.

Communication is vital to the sports injury rehabilitation patient’s treatment team.   We regularly communicate with your primary care physician, athletic trainer or coach with your permission to make sure we are all on the same page regarding your recovery.    This communication is critical to help ensure your treatments are advanced appropriately and that all involved are helping you return to sport as quickly and safely as possible.


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