Not Just A Small Bump

Although your head is durable, there is a time to be concerned about that small bump being much more than just a bump.  Just like any other part of our body, your brain is susceptible to injury too.  While your skull gets a bump, your brain can sustain a bruise.  This bruise can cause serious injuries to your brain.  Concussions should never be ignored.  Because of the severity of these types of injuries, it is important that you are fully recovered before playing any sport or partaking in any type of physical activity.

Generally speaking, a concussion is caused by a blunt or forceful blow to the head and needs proper management, regardless if it’s mild or severe.  Specializing in the most up to date techniques of concussion treatment, our team of professional chiropractors and physical therapists at Hopkins Health & Wellness take the time to fully assess the severity of your concussion and provide you with the right kind of treatment and care to get you back into the action and on the field safely.

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The right care for your injury

If you are not sure if you or someone you know has suffered a concussion, it is always better to play it safe and come into our Brainerd Lakes area clinic to make certain you have access to the care that you need.  Under our watch, we can properly monitor your symptoms and provide you with treatment options if necessary.

Your safety and health is what is important; when you come to us, you are in the best hands.  Never take a chance when it comes to brain safety.

*Concussion imagery originally posted on Williams Integracrare’s web site


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