Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

What kind of injury have you sustained?

Are you dealing with an old recurring injury, needing rehab after surgery or are you feeling the pain of one in which you recently sustained? No matter the pain or injury in which you are dealing, the physical therapists at Hopkins Health & Wellness, Lakes Area clinic are here to help you recover quickly and efficiently. We specialize in not just physical therapy, but sports rehab as well. With our fully equipped Cybex gym, our clinic is the perfect option for you to help you fully recover.

Each patient is evaluated individually to define their rehabilitative needs.

This includes a thorough exam including a medical history, objective measures, and any necessary tests to determine the mechanical dysfunctions related to the injury. A plan of care is then developed with you to addresses any problems, impairments, and functional limitations. Goals are set for you with the aim of achieving the highest functional level you can.   Our goal is to graduate you from our program with an individualized workout program that you can continue on your own, either at home or in a gym.   We want you to graduate from our clinic with a positive change in your lifestyle habits.

If you are a post-surgical patient, our PT staff work directly with your surgeon to determine the appropriate, individualized approach and desired outcomes for your care.   Care can be set up even before your surgery occurs so you are prioritized on our schedule to fully assist you in your healing and help you fully recover as speedily as possible.

Whatever is causing your pain – illness, injury or disability – consider our team of physical therapists as your premier choice to restore your function, enhance your mobility and decrease your pain.


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