DMR Case Studies

MD with a Lumbar Disc Herniation

Andrew was a medical doctor who was diagnosed with a herniated disc between L4 and L5. It caused local back pain that radiated down his right leg into his calf, which made it difficult for him to stand for long periods of time while he saw patients.

Multiple Severe Disc Herniations & Degeneration Lumbar Spine

Over the course of seven years, Bruce developed lower back pain that increasingly radiated down his left leg into his foot and eventually became disabling.

Severe Disc Herniation Lumbar Spine

Amy was loading her washing machine when she bent over to pick up a laundry basket. She felt something “go out” in her lower back and experienced an intense pain that began radiating down her left leg.

Severe Neck Degeneration & Misalignment

Joe developed a disc herniation in the lower lumbar spine and was referred by his doctor for orthopedic spine surgery. After a difficult recovery, his painful leg symptoms were gone but his back still didn’t feel normal.

Severe Neck Degeneration & Misalignment

Ella had severe neck pain and stiffness. When the pain started traveling down her right arm, causing weakness in her hand, she became unable to work or be physically active. She had been taking pain medication for years, but the weakness...

Multiple Disc Herniations Lumbar Spine

John developed severe debilitating lower back pain after lifting improperly. His pain continued for weeks and worsened after doing housework, radiating down his left leg. He couldn’t stand without leaning forward and his leg felt weak and unstable.

Neck and arm pain BEFORE and AFTER neck fusion surgery

Kevin had neck fusion surgery in November 2012. Following the surgery, he continued to have severe neck pain and stiffness.

Moderate Disc Herniation Lumbar Spine

Laura, who has a history of rheumatoid arthritis, was in an exercise class when she felt her back give out. The pain worsened over the next few hours and began causing numbness and weakness in her left leg.

Disc Herniation Cervical Spine

Sarah developed severe upper back pain after sleeping the wrong way on a hotel pillow. The pain progressed into her neck; over the next few days she began experiencing severe/constant tingling in her right hand.

Lumbar Disc Herniation with Back Pain

Sandra developed acute severe lower back pain after bending forward to lift a very light object. After failing to improve with standard physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, she had an MRI scan done and came in for a DMR Method Evaluation.

Post-Operative Degeneration and Slippage of Spine (Spondylolisthesis)

Sally had surgery on her lower back in 2006 (L4-5 laminectomy). She had recurrent incidental back pain post-surgery, but in 2012 her back pain...


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